Albuquerque Film Festival Rocks (and rolls!)

Just back from a wonderful stint at the Albuquerque Film Festival where I did a seminar on, guess what… screenwriting. Went well. They threw no fruit.

First time that’s happened!

Found a couple of amazing restaurants in Abq. Met some wonderful filmmakers and saw some killer movies, both features and shorts. A very well run festival. Smooth as silk.

Now, the Hard Rock Hotel was a bit odd. No phone next to the bed, for one. No free breakfast to be found no matter how many hallways I ventured down. I’m so used to non luxury like the Hampton Inn, that I’ve gotten used to my free breakfast. Nothing can compare to the hotel I was in in Rome last summer, where the free breakfast included a woman mounted permanently in front of a cappucino machine, so I could order one, and then another one and then however many more I might want… None of that for the Hard Rock. Though I must say, I did eat for free at the Festival. So I didn’t go hungry.


Albuquerque was wonderful. I highly recommend the Festival and environs. Plus, it’s the most sky I’ve ever seen in one place. Wow. They do know how to do their sunsets in New Mexico.

Not to mention, the seminar was jam packed. Gratifying to yours truly. Everyone asked GREAT questions and I think we all learned a lot, which is, after all, the name of the game. Thank you ABQ!


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