Blake Snyder

I miss him. It has been a year. I’m sitting here in my office sweating because I have to turn on the air conditioning and because I worry I won’t write the right thing about Blake.

What a prince among men. That cliche certainly fits.

He is 100% responsible for the existence of this blog because he is 100% responsible for the existence of my book. When I got the idea for a book on screenwriting, he encouraged me and said he’d tell his publisher. They agreed to publish it and here we are.

Blake was long on encouragement.
I miss that a lot.

Anyway, I miss him. I miss his advice. I miss his voice. I miss his loyalty and his kind nature. I miss his smile and I desperately miss his friendship.

Boy, do I miss that.



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12 responses to “Blake Snyder

  1. Scott

    Ditto. I was telling someone recently that he and I were texting just a few days before he died, but because of his generosity, I know at least a hundred other people can say the same thing. His spirit lives on in those of us he touched.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      What I don’t understand is when Blake ever slept! Everyone I’ve ever talked to made it clear that he was always there, at length, for any questions or needs. He had BOUNDLESS energy. I try and fail to be like him.

      • Scott

        Hey man, you only need to be like you 🙂 That’s good enough.

        See what he still inspires?

  2. Anne

    Lovely words, and a lovely tribute.


  3. Melody Lopez

    Blake was the bomb! I am so proud to have known him. I have nothing but a deep desire to honor his memory any way I can.

  4. I was just thinking about Blake too. I was rereading his SAVE THE CAT STRIKES BACK and thinking about the positivity he left behind.

    I met him a couple of times and he was nothing but humble and lived for writing. He was totally passionate about it. He inspired me, and I know he inspired others.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Totally. He was humble and enthusiastic and had boundless energy to help other people. It was incredible. The ripple effect that he left behind is immense.

  5. Sam Ceballos

    Actually, I bought “Your Screenplay Sucks!” because Blake said nice things about the book. And he was right.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      I APPROVE YOUR ATTITUDE 100%!! Glad you are finding the book helpful. Buy copies for anyone you see on the street!

  6. Jax

    Blake catapulted my dream of becoming a screenwriter. Without knowing what a pitch was or the extreme of who Blake was professionally or personally, he inspired and gave me confidence I ceased to know existed in myself. He was too good to be true and perhaps that why the forces of this world absorbed his soul when they did.
    —Forever thankful,

  7. Mr. Snyder. My very first screenwriting teacher, who I actually learned something meaningful from regarding screenwriting by me buying his book. May you rest in Heavenly peace, Mr. Snyder.


    I’ve read his book numerous times. As many times as I’ve read Mr. Aker’s book. He must have been a good and decent person to have so many people write about him the way they do. Heck…there might be story here?

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