Poorly Written Movie: GREYSTOKE

Let’s hear it for the Fast Forward Button!

An hour and a half into GREYSTOKE THE LEGEND OF TARZAN LORD OF THE APES, there was still no story. Wow.

At that point I gave up and started fast forwarding.
It’s amazing how there can be scene after scene with no conflict and no tension. Amazing. And zero story.

It takes forever, at least an hour I think, to meet the grown up Tarzan. And the scenes that take us from the beginning to that point could have used a tad of conflict. Ugh.

Written by Robert Towne and then rewritten by another guy, it’s not Towne’s best work. CHINATOWN was good. He ended up taking his name off the movie and using his dog’s name instead.

I have some notes on the film and when I get them typed up, I’ll share them with you. But whoa, amazing to consider how little happens in the entire movie.

Why did they bother?


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