what a silly business… Harry Potter = your script…

Just reading about the new Harry Potter amusement park. I won’t be going, but was interested to read about the price tag. $230 million. I’m so jaded, I was surprised to see the word “million” there… I was somehow expecting “billion.”

How does this apply to a blog on screenwriting, you ask? Well, I’ll tell.

Movies these days are expensive. Not all, certainly, but some. Maybe the one you’re writing will cost up to $100 million to make. That’s a LOT of money. That’s almost half the cost of AN ENTIRE AMUSEMENT PARK! The scariest thing about this silly business, is that a studio could spend all that money to open a film, and then KABLOOEY, burn the money in a weekend. Two bad weekends = a theme park they could have built. Or an office building.

And collect rent on those offices for a hundred years. Instead, they put out a rotten movie and throw the money on the ground.

That’s scary.

But, that fear on the part of the folks who will be buying your screenplay is what needs to be telling you to make it as good as you possibly can before you send it out. When you’re ready to ship your script, ask yourself, is it up to snuff? Have you done the best job you can, since the guy reading is going to have to ask himself, “Is this script worth half an amusement park?”



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2 responses to “what a silly business… Harry Potter = your script…

  1. General consensus

    This is so pointless

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