at the film festival…

Spending my days and nights at the Nashville Film Festival. Well, not all my days, as I’m working on a movie during the days if I am not zipping over to the festival.

Handed out a few copies of my book to filmmakers. We’ll see if it revolutionizes the world of filmmaking, as I suspect it will…

One hopeful Republican congressional candidate was working the party tent, handing out stickers and asking for votes. Can you say “Moron”? There, I knew you could. Filmmakers? People who generally have no health insurance? Seems he could have picked a more liberal pro-Democrat crowd somewhere, but not within a couple hundred miles.

So, I haven’t thought about blogging. I’ve just been watching movies. The best one so far has been my short, of course, but after that, was THE TOPP TWINS, a wonderful doc about New Zeland’s most famous lesbian, country music singing, twin sister, political activists. It was great. Fun. Funny. Heart warming. All the things that festival docs are not supposed to be! Where was the angst? Where was the sadness and threat of annihilation?

How nice to be pleasantly amused!


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