Kelley Baker knows stuff you should know!

If you’re a writer or filmmaker, you should check out Kelley Baker, his website and blog. His monicker is The Angry Filmmaker but he’s the most pleasant, most talented guy around.

He’s written a filmmaking how-to book that is FANTASTIC… The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide.

A former Hollywood sound designer turned teacher / writer / filmmaker, Kelley gives no nonsense, simple to follow, easy to execute advice about all steps in the filmmaking process. He travels the country, an intinerant film teacher, teaching at high schools, colleges, film schools, film festivals and writing conferences.

If you run one of those events, you should hire him. He has lectured to my filmmaking class at Vanderbilt on numerous occasions and when he’s gone, the students know a TON more than they did.

Buy his book. You’ll learn a ton.



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2 responses to “Kelley Baker knows stuff you should know!

  1. NickNightingale

    Baker talked to my Script Analysis a few weeks ago! The man knows his stuff, and he’s a hell of an entertainer!

  2. NickNightingale

    Er, my Script Analysis *class*.

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