Theme: Have Something To Say

None of this is easy. That’s why they don’t want to pay you any money for it. Oh, wait, that doesn’t seem to work right. Welcome to Hollywood. Anyway…

Theme. It’s interesting how it’s there. Makes it easier to write a movie if you have something to say. And after all, if you’re in this for the correct reasons, it’s because you have something to say.

Look at LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. Warning: Spoiler on its way…

One line of dialogue embodies what the whole movie is about, and despite the fact that it’s a somewhat silly comedy, this is the theme, and it’s serious… it’s real… and, repeating myself, having something to say makes the whole film easier to write… Plus, that single “theme” idea flows through every character in the story.


But what if I lose tomorrow?

Whoa, whoa, back up a sec. You can’t lose. You know why? A real loser isn’t someone who doesn’t win. A real loser is someone so afraid of not winning they don’t even try. That’s not you. You’re gonna dance, right?! So even if you win, or you don’t win, you’ve already won! See? You see? You see you see you see?

He tickles her. She squeals. He stops. She recovers. he brushes her hair back.

A real loser doesn’t try. And you’re trying, right?
(she nods)
So you’re not a loser, are you?

She shakes her head. They smile at each other.


And, having said “A real loser doesn’t try,” he can die.


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