Computers Make You A Better Writer

Well, probably not, but they help.

I’m going through my pirate novel and suddenly I noticed I’d used the word “moron” a lot. Like a giant ton. I hit CTRL F and “moron” and went through all 200+ pages of the book, and I had used “moron” like a judge handing out jail time. Here, there, and everywhere. It was embarrassing. Fortunately there was no one here to see how embarrassed I was. Except, oops, now I’ve told the world what a doofus I am.

I also overused “jerk.”

Fortunately, one of my fabulous students had collected a ton of boy insults from some boys she knew, and I went through the entire book, changing 90% of the morons.

Goober nut. Butt fuzz. Dingledork. Being three of my favorites.

Computers don’t make you a better writer, but boy, when you’re rewriting and find out you’re a moron, they sure help.



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2 responses to “Computers Make You A Better Writer

  1. “Fabulous student.” I like that.

    **grins and nods**

    You’re book’s gonna kick ass.

  2. The “you’re” and not “your” was for the proofreader who thinks you’re John.

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