Bombs Away!

This link from Yahoo, not generally where I get my screenwriting news, is fun reading. Plenty of “not my fault,” thought flying around my workspace.

But hey, all those films got made, and all those writers got paid!

The scary thing is, I would assume, nobody set out to make a bad movie… They all thought they were doing something worthwhile. I would assume.

Once, eons ago, I spent a weekend with two groups of people at somebody’s beach house south of Los Angeles. Half the folks were carpet salesmen. The other half wrote for the TV show “The Incredible Hulk.” I learned two things that weekend, which was when I was in film school and was feeling a little odd that all we ever talked about at school was movies. We never talked about anything else. Not politics. Not sex. Just movies. All the time. I thought I was weird. I LIKED talking about movies all the time.

And this weekend, at the beach house, I listened to the the carpet salesmen spend an entire weekend talking about… CARPET. That’s ALL they talked about. It was amazing. Who knew there was enough going on with carpet to occupy an entire weekend’s conversation? I’ve never forgotten it.

The other thing I learned was from the “Hulk” folk. They spent all their time talking about their dumb TV show. Writing “The Incredible Hulk” was not exactly the high art I aspired to as a film student (not that I wouldn’t take a job on the show now and laugh all the way to the bank). Young Me thought the show was crap of the first water.

But the writers were sure as hell serious about it. It was important to them. Very, very important.

What I learned was that people can’t set out to do something and think they’re making garbage. The human mind won’t function that way. Somewhere inside you, you have to believe that what you’re doing is worth it.

Even, I assume, the folks who made PLUTO NASH.


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