Character Names From Spam

Hey, here’s an idea!

Beginning writers’ scripts often have lame-o character names… can’t quite figure out why…

You wanna know where some really interesting character names are? SPAM!

Here are some names from junk e-mail that I received this week, and all would be good names for characters in a movie… why not yours?

Sandra Zendel, Jodie Lujan, Jo Hampton, Isa Dunn, Federico Walls, David February, Brett Warren, Sunshine Robinson, Rudy Nickerson, Tomasz Petersohn, Lane Hadley, Alec Frost, Annmarie Serrano…

Those sound like real names for real characters, don’t they?

Just a thought.


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One response to “Character Names From Spam

  1. Rebekka

    Callahan, Kensington, Talia — just wish I could decide on appropriate last names

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