No Posts For A Week Or So…

I feel like Niki Finke. Sorta.

Headed out of town. May or may not have the time, energy, or brainpower to put out anything…

I’ll be back on the air in a week and a half. Or so.

Don’t desert me whilst I am among the missing… If I can figure out how to post from the road, I’ll do it…



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3 responses to “No Posts For A Week Or So…

  1. JBC

    Have a good trip Mr A. Speaking of Finke, this is a great article from her site for your travel reading pleasure (Please pardon the sailor-like language in the title).

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      An amazing piece. I mentioned it on September 14, I think.
      It really is what professionals feel. I can’t imagine the assault that guys living in L.A. who are successful writers must endure… “would you read my script?” at Starbucks and everywhere else.
      What agony.
      It’s so difficult though to NOT ask someone to read your script… better to tell them a joke or talk about kids or ANYthing other than your work.
      It’s a tough business, that’s for sure.

  2. Have a good trip. Looking forward to posts once you are back.

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