My Student On Jeopardy!

This is the link to a short film, RING OF SMOKE, which my student Chris Nold made. He was on Jeopardy! last night, crushed his competition and won $23,000. He mentioned the film on the air, and people are going to look at it on YouTube. He asked me if I’d post the link here.

He’ll be on tonight. He refuses, the cad, to tell us how he did… so we have to watch again!

It’s very gladiatorial, that Jeopardy! The woman in the middle only was able to answer three questions during the entire show, and only one answer was right. Did Chris do the gentlemanly thing and allow her to answer a few questions when he was so far ahead? No, he did not. He continued the Nold Steamroller and flattened her to goo. She finished a couple of grand in the hole. Did I feel sorry for her? I did not.

When I was on Jeopardy!, did I feel sorry for the woman next to me who, during the commercial, had zero dollars and was sobbing because she’d flown her whole family down from Alaska to watch… I did not. I felt like Thor.

Not what your Gentle Writer normally feels, but I must say, it felt delightful to conquer my enemies, drive them before me and listen to the lamentations of their women. (Conan, John Milius).


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