Cheever Knew

“I find myself fixing sentences written by incredibly lazy bastards.”

John Cheever, on editing

Yeah, no shit.



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3 responses to “Cheever Knew

  1. Brett in Manhattan

    Sorry to take this off topic, but, I read this quote by Charlie Kaufman and was wonderin’ what you thought:

    “I think it’s a disaster out there… I don’t think the mid-range movie is going to exist anymore. Movies are going to be blockbusters or really, really tiny budgets. And the tiny-budget movies have a very, very hard time getting distributed…”

  2. yourscreenplaysucks

    Yeah. Well. Um. Yeah. He’s right. It’s horrible for the indy film now. It’s about impossible to get financing. If you can, you can’t get distribution, so you lost the money for your investors. A friend of a friend, who has produced several movies that grossed a TON of money… he’s out now, selling granola for a living.

    There is a lot of wheat being separated from the chaff right now and then a lot of that wheat is being burned… not a very kind industry.

    “The waterhole is drying up and the animals are beginning to eat each other…”

  3. Brett in Manhattan

    Not lookin’ too good for those of us who want to write stuff like “Sideways,” but, have no interest in writing the next “X-Man.”

    Here’s a link to the Kaufman interview, if you’re interested:

    Kaufman Q&A

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