Who Cares?

Reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Have a lot to say about the nature of character construction re: the girl…but for now I am ruminating as I sit on a sundrenched terrace in Palma about why I can’t put this book down. Much the same way you want a reader to be compelled to keep reading your script.

It opens with a mystery. A man is getting something sent to him every year after a murder. That gets us revved up. Then we meet a journalist who is in the process of losing a libel suit. Not in the process of filing it or doing courtroom stuff, but being vilified for a series of articles. He STARTS the story in deep shit. And then it gets worse.

Then we meet the Girl. And she is an amazing character.
More on her later.

Problems. Mystery. Woe. Fascinating characters. Well written. Seems simple, but it’s the first page turner I’ve read in years.

Very tough to do.


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