Hold Back The Good Stuff.

Women know all about this. Men, not so much. Reading The Cabinet of Curiosities. Good airplane fare.

Here’s the scene… woman scientist gets called to a construction site in Manhattan. Big scary tunnel tomb thing undergroound. She goes in, with a weird guy from the FBI and he says you only will have an hour to fully examine the whole site. Get with it babe.

So, time pressure. Good writing technique.

She’s doing her thing in this deep strange tunnel, with niches full of dead bodies… skeletons with rotted clothes in a dark and goopy mess. She finds the skeleton of a young girl wearing a dress… and sees a LETTER stitched into the hem of the dress…

How very cool!

Does she reach out and grab the letter? It’s right there, in hand’s reach… she can just get it… right now and we’ll have the juicy information that is in that so very cool letter… but her FBI buddy yells that the workmen and cops are coming so she has to haul ass out of there.

They could give you the letter and the information it, but they don’t.

They hold back the good stuff… which leads her to dress up like a hooker and dress her boyfriend up like a bum… and they sneak back in in the middle of the night to STEAL the letter. They squeeze a whole new beat of interest out of essentially the same momet. But, but witholding the cool stuff, they make you sweat to get what you want, which is, after all, the author’s goal.

And oddly, the goal of many women.


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