Do Your Research, Dave

In my wonderful book, I spend a bit of time talking about research.  Read the book, see what I think.  Some of it is radically different from what you might expect a writer would say about research… like don’t do much!  However, when you do do research (“He said doo doo!”) you better get it right

Our nation’s airwaves have lately been befouled by the most egregious example of slipshod research in recent memory.  David Letterman makes a joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter getting banged by a baseball star on a visit to the Big Apple.  Momma Sarah goes bat shit. 

Okay fine.  This would be totally cool and no prob, except they wrote the joke about the wrong fuckin’ daughter

“Hey, Sarah Palin’s in New York with her daughter!” 

“Aww right!  The old one or the young one?” 

 “Old one, I think, but I’ll check.” 


“So, which one is it?”

“The old one.  The slutty one.” 

“You sure?” 

“That’s what I heard.  Yeah.” 

“Yee ha, finally a joke that’ll get me a raise!”


What a mess.  Just because nobody bothered to find out that the daughter Sarah “Ms. Way Vindictive Carry A Grudge” Palin was with… was… the MINOR!  

Whaddya bet someone didn’t get a raise but lost their job over that bonehead move!? 

So, writing lesson:  Even if you think you know something for sure, it might be a good idea to… just… find out… for sure



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2 responses to “Do Your Research, Dave

  1. “The old one. The slutty one.”

    Is it wrong to say this made me laugh? Love it!

    I’m really enjoying the blog!

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      I hope people laugh. If they don’t, at least from time to time, I’m missing the boat.

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