What To Write

Just wrapped up a weekend of the Nashville Screenwriters Conference. I’m on the board. It’s a good weekend for writers, and a bargain for those who are interested. A hundred bucks and you’re good to go. A-list talent gets flown in from Los Angles to share their wisdom. My favorite quote this weekend, was from Todd Garner, who wrote PAUL BLART, MALL COP among other movies that got made. He said “If you’re not writing something for everybody, you’re totally fucked.”

What does this mean? Come to me for wisdom, little Grasshopper. It means you need to be writing, as do I, a movie that a parent will want to see… that they will be able to take their kids to, and the babysitter and her boyfriend will want to see too, as soon as they quit making out in the parking lot.

Don’t write a movie that only you want to see. Otherwise you’re wasting your time.



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2 responses to “What To Write

  1. Scott Wallace

    Dear Mr. Akers:
    Loved “Your Screenplay Sucks.” I even made sure to listen to Natalie Merchant & Patti Smith BEFORE you put them on your website. By the time I got to page 138, I was ready to take your advice “In Final Draft, use Warner Bros. style” without asking why & without even asking what Warner Bros. style actually IS.
    The trouble is that Final Draft, sad to say, also sucks. Two ways to use Warner Bros.: you can select Warner Bros. style when you start a new file, or you can apply Warner Bros. to a pre-existing file (after clicking on Format & Elements).
    Take your pick. Either way, you allegedly get Warner Bros. But what you really get is one of two different styles. And one of two different page counts.
    So which is the real Warner Bros.? The one with 32-character dialogue lines, or the one with 34 characters?

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Now that is a question I cannot answer. Sorry about that.
      Thrilled you like the book.

      I like WB Style because it has very narrow dialogue margins, which makes me a better writer, automatically.

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