The “fuck” scene…

… from “The Wire.”

 What killer writing.

 Bunk and McNulty investigate a shooting. Girl got shot in her kitchen. Through the use of one word and variations upon it, along with action by the characters (what they DO, not what they say) the writers explain to us precisely what happened during the commission of the crime.

 It’s all about acting, action, and a smidgen of dialogue. But, dialogue used so incredibly well. The subtext here is enormous. Again, one word, used many many ways… and the one word tells us so much about what the characters are thinking. First time Bunk says “fuck,” we know he means “It’s such a pity that such a nice looking young girl had to die.” but all he says is “fuck.” We get the text via the subtext. Just what you’re supposed to do, young writers!

 Nice to know you don’t have to explain it all with dialogue… you can let the characters just DO stuff and we’ll figure it out from the visuals.

 A great scene. Hope you like it.


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