“It’s not good enough.”

Craig Mazin said that.  I heard him.  Smart guy.  He wrote SCARY MOVIE 3, which I will now rent after hearing him speak.  Everything he said at last weekend’s conference was right on the money.  “It’s not good enough” is a great way to approach your work.

 If you can keep that little gremlin on your shoulder, whispering in your ear that what you’re writing isn’t good enough yet to be a movie, and you listen to him… your work will improve.  Doing a first draft, or a fifth, and thinking, “Hey, I’m done” is not the shining path to wealth and happiness.  Being hard on your work, that’s a good idea. 

 For someone to like what you have written enough to suggest someone else read it, it has to be SO good and so sparkly and so witty and perfect and on the money, that you have to read it a zillion times, trying to figure out what it takes to be good enough.  Otherwise, you’re toast.  And you don’t wanna be toast, do you?

 This thought goes hand in hand with what I heard at the conference last year, “If I think it works, it doesn’t.” 

 And I think I’ll go make some toast now.


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