Drama Is Dead

If you’re writing a drama, stop.  How many times did the panelists say THAT this past weekend.  Whew!  “Drama is dead.”  Heard that a lot.  Of course, that’s the genre I like to write.  Not exactly good news.  So, listen up out there boys and girls…

 This is the Entertainment BUSINESS after all.  If you’re writing something that even vaguely looks like a screenplay, it had better be something you want to sell.  And drama ain’t it.  The panelists hammered that one home, over and over until the nail squeaked. 

 Old people want to see dramas, and if you do THE BUCKET LIST, it will stay in the theaters a long time, but the odds of someone making that kind of movie are limited.  Limited as to be impossible.  We already know that getting a movie made is like winning the lottery.  Getting a movie made that is also a drama is like having to win the lottery twice.


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